Keeping it light tonight...sharing a few questions we have gotten (or overhead as it was asked to another adult) from kiddos about #MightyWoody and his arm. There is something remarkably honest and simple about the way kids think about stuff. And to be perfectly candid, I've had some of these questions myself.

- Who ate his hand?
- Why did he eat his hand? 
- Ouch.
- Why does it look like a foot?
- Why doesn't he have two hands?
- How will he be able to do anything?
- Does he feel stuff?
- Does his arm fit inside his nose?
- Will he wear a glove? 
- When is his hand going to finish growing?

This last question is one I ponder a lot. The human body grows so much from when we are born to when we are adults. I have spent countless nights watching him sleep and thinking that he is going to split so many cells while he grows, so why can't he just grow the rest of his arm now or as he grows?

I've also learned a little bit about hands and am very curious to learn more. One of the fascinating things I learned recently while reading about work being done on robotic hands is that our hands have roughly 1/4 of the bones in our body. They are a very advanced piece of machinery that are linked to our nervous system. Our hands can do unbelievable things.

I am saddened a little bit by that because it makes me realize how versatile and nimble our hands are. At the same time, Woody has one hand that will probably end up doing overtime, and so I worry about it being overworked and want to see him learn to use the little bit of manipulation he does have in his right arm to help him. According to one of the doctor's we saw, people do everything one-handed, and the other hand is just there to help it out. While that is certainly an oversimplification, it has given me pause and made me examine my own behavior more.

For the record, from everything we can tell, it doesn't hurt him in anyway when he uses his arm. We are extremely grateful for this as we know it is not the case with all children who have limb differences.

And so far...Woody is not afraid to get around. He crawls. He climbs on chairs. And he has perfected what I like to call...the "scooch"- as you can see, he uses this one when he wants to be able to carry something.

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