In the early days last year when Woody was just weeks old, I remember feeling like I needed to just stare and stare at his arm so I could get used to it. He would be wrapped up tight and I would forget about it. There were so many emotions from the hormones and the expectations and the reality. All the things of having children. And then he would become unwrapped from his swaddle and I would literally be surprised. At times it felt unreal. Like if I just kept him swaddled it would turn out that this wasn’t happening. I would like to say it took me days to get used to it. But honestly, I think it took almost a year for it to be natural to me. For me to not keep feeling like I would wake up from the dream and that I would go in and pick him up from a nap and he’d have a hand. #limbdifferenceawareness #MightyWoody

LDA April 5.jpg