Today kicks off a celebration of the Week of the Young Child, created by the The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)Governor Mark Gordon signed a proclamation today and Teton County will be considering its own resolution tomorrow. (Come at 10am if you want - I'm hoping to fill the room with young children and their caregivers!)

We have been so blessed with the people who have helped us navigate our journey and experiences with both of our children. From occupational therapy for #MightyWoody at the Children's Learning Center to parent education from Growing Great Families to our trusted childcare at Sweet Peas Babies, we are both blessed and very lucky.

We know that not every family has the security we do when it comes to childcare, healthcare and early childhood development resources. This was one of my first fears as we started to understand what might be needed with Woody. And it was so easily resolved because we know we can access whatever we might need to. And that knowledge illuminates that we know not every child or family facing a challenge can.

Whenever I try to put myself into the shoes of another family that faces stress around childcare or health care for their child, I know that I will never truly understand. I can only hope to empathize and do what I can to improve access.

Tonight, I just want to say thank you. A community of caregivers have helped us embrace, understand and process first becoming parents, and then facing the new challenge of parenting a child with a limb difference.

Thank you to every caregiver, whether you are a relative, neighbor, friend, sibling, nanny, educator, administrator, you are part of making sure that every single one of our kiddos gets what they need, whatever that need is.

Thank you.

(Can you find #MightyWoody playing in the balls at the Children's Learning Center?!)

#LimbDifferenceAwareness #WeekoftheYoungChild #ItTakesAVillage

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