I’m running for re-election to the Board of County Commissioners because I share your vision for a vibrant, healthy, and diverse Teton County. I want my sons to learn and grow in an open community full of opportunity, where all can express themselves without discrimination and experience the wonders of the natural world. I am an action-oriented collaborator focused on building an inclusive, open government. It's time for action, and the people of Teton County are looking for results. Let's invest together in our working families and small businesses so we can protect our treasured natural resources. My record shows I vote to put our community first. I believe Teton County is worth fighting for!

Natalia D. Macker


Healthy Teton County

Safe, stable, and affordable housing is the backbone of a thriving, whole community. The security of high-quality health care focused on access and wellness is also essential. My priorities for a healthy community include effective mental health services for adults and youth, reproductive health, wellness programs, and affordable housing, especially rental options and public-private partnerships. 

Vibrant Teton County

Our community is defined by the public lands that surround us. Protecting this precious resource and stewarding the ecosystem entrusted to us are at the core of Teton County’s vibrancy. A strong arts community is needed for a vibrant economy. Building a vibrant community also means we need to promote energy efficiency, ensure access to safe child care, and grow connectivity in our transit system.

Diverse Teton County

Our middle-class families are Teton County’s heartbeat. We need to reward hard work and responsibility. I pledge to fight for opportunities for our youth through access to a first-class education and support for our working families through early childhood education. We also need to care for our most vulnerable, and our generational diversity depends on support for our elders. Join me in building an open, diverse community, free from discrimination, through fair wages, commonsense immigration policies, and equal opportunity.